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About Compass Music and Arts Center

CMAC will entertain, educate, involve, and inspire its visitors through engagement with exhibits, performances, programs, and workshops that celebrate music and the creative arts. A 250-seat performance hall will provide an ideal space for live music, dance performances, art exhibits, and community functions. Artist studios will offer local artists an inspiring and collaborative space to work, with gallery spaces around the Center available to showcase their talents. Studio space and lesson rooms will allow musicians their own work space to offer lessons in various musical disciplines.

CMAC is located in a 52,000 sq. ft. building, formerly known as Building K of the Brandon Training School. Abandoned in 1993, the building was in a state of disrepair when work began in early 2012 but has undergone several renovations to date and progress continues.

Floor plan to the main level of the CMAC building.


Artisan Studios and
Speciality Shops

Compass Treasure Chest

A unique co-op consignment shop selling and consigning collectables, antiques, new clothing, toys, art and much more!


An Angel Shop offering angelically inspired gifts, Angel Card readings and Reiki treatments run by Joanne Trucker.

Robin Callahan

Robin paints on canvas and wood, reclaims furniture and gives new life to clothing and shoes.

Wolfgang & Anna's Gute Stube

'Wolfgang and Ann have set up this 'parlor' as a gathering place to meet people with similiar interests, have discussions and more.

Dan Gilman

Dan draws using a variety of media despite physical challenges. He hopes his studio here will help others see that emotional and artistic fulfillment can be achieved no matter what.

Philip is a second generation ship modeler. His models reflect his experiences, Vermont history and Lake Champlain. He uses a minimalist approach, attempting to use tools and techniques that echo those that may have been used aboard ship during a sailor's free time.





Compass Music and Arts Foundation

Compass Music and Arts Center is supported in part by the
Compass Music and Arts Foundation.

Divine Art Recordings Group

Originally started in England in 1993, Divine Art is an international classical recording company now based out of Compass, here in Brandon, Vermont. The label is known for producing critically acclaimed, re-discovered masterpieces, rare and new music.

The Phonograph Rooms

This permanent exhibit offers fascinating insight into the history of recorded music in the home. The exhibit features vintage “talking machines” from 1890 to the 1970s, with regular demonstrations and the opportunity to listen to great recordings of the past - both classical and popular. A display of antique radios and TVs is also included.



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