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SoundBite Café

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Open Tuesday - Friday
Full lunch service: 11am - 2pm
Grab and Go: 10am - 5pm

SoundBite offers a casual ambiance and a delicious meal with a diversity of ethnic, local and fusion flavors at affordable prices. 

What is 'Grab and Go'?
A self-service, offering a freshly prepared and pre-packed meal for 'grab and go'. You're also welcome to enjoy your meal at the café. 

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The café is run by Vicky Regia of Lian Catering and who you will also recognize as the chef for our Saturday night concerts at Brandon Music.


Grab and Go
Sesame peanut noodles
Beet and lemongrass couscous with roasted veggies

Thai Coconut Chicken

Korean Beef BBQ Sandwich

Chocolate strawberry
Pina Colada



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