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Did you see us on TV?
(April 2015)
We were featured on the Local ABC 22 and Local Fox 44 news this month. Alaina Pinto spent a morning with Stephen and Edna discussing various aspects of what we have here and some of the plans for this Spring. See a couple of the segments here.

Lots to do this winter!
(January 2015)
Our 2nd annual Winter Art Mart exhibit is underway with eight artists displaying winter themed work and more. Our crafters, artist, and music sales return with the Crafters Sale on January 29th, the Artist Sale on March 7th and the Music Swap Meet on April 4th. Look for a series of upcoming classes too! Plus, we always have exciting concerts going on at Brandon Music. See the website for information on the upcoming shows.

Call to Artists: The Art of Giving - : - The Giving of Art (August 2014)
We're now accepting work for our holiday show. Gather up (or create) those gift items, small works of art, and holiday decorations for this exhibit which will run from November 7th through January 11, 2015! See the Opportunities page for details.

(Summer 2014)
For seven weeks this summer, teenagers helped give a face-lift in and around our building. As part of a mission trip, these teenagers came from all over the country to the Rutland area where they served community sites like ours in various ways. The kids worked to clear over-grown bushes, create flower and garden beds, scrape and paint exterior hand rails, defined edges of driveways and paths, and helped to develop a wall mural. Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from throughout the process.

(March 2014)
The classical recording company, headquartered right here at Compass, is now offering a free download sampler of their new releases. Click here to download a zip file containing mp3 sample tracks and extracts from each of their February and March new releases, plus a bonus sample from a featured catalog item.

Opening on April 5th, is a fabulous new exhibit called Fabrications: Fabric & Fiber, featuring the work of nine fabric and fiber artists: Fran Bull, Judy Dales, MaryKay Dempewolff, Peg Donahue, Elizabeth Fram, Cuc Huynh, Judith Reilly, Elinor Steele, and Mim Zelis. The exhibit will show several varying techniques and styles, from traditional to contemporary quilts, to the art of fashion, home décor, one-of-a-kind accessories, and sculpted companions.

In celebration of Poetry Month, we want to encourage a wider readership for poetry and readers of all ages by offering ‘Poetry Rocks' events throughout the month of April. Come practice and appreciate poetry at a Poetry Slam / Open Mic Night and two Poetry Unplugged events. All events are free. See our Events page for details.

WINTER ART MART (February 2014)
The Winter Art Mart, which opened on January 15th, was our first open show and we are thrilled with the participation from local artists. Fifteen artists, all unique and fantastic in their own way, have work on display and for sale as part of the exhibit. Thus far the show has been a wonderful success and with a reception coming up on the 16th of February, it can only get better. Our hope is to carry this idea into the future and make it into some sort of annual exhibit. Other wonderful things are coming of it as well. Maura Clancy, who is a basket maker and has her baskets for sale in the Art Mart, will be instructing a class on Sunday, March 9th where participants can make a completed and useful basket in the course of the workshop.

(November 2013)
Four new titles from Divine Art's Metier label, which couldn't be more varied, are slated for official release in January but are available now on their website. Tracing Lines presents piano, chamber and vocal music from South African composer Robert Fokkens, performed by highly acclaimed soprano Patricia Rozario, bass flutist Carla Rees and the astoundingly good Fidelio Trio. A new opera with very exotic Turkish influences and sounds, Say I am You is the story of the ancient mystic and spiritual teacher Rumi. Composed by American composer Michael Ellison who has worked in Istanbul for ten years. This work premiered at the Istanbul Music Festival.

Two of the discs feature music by American composer, Kevin Malone, whose work is impossible to classify as he has such a wide range of skills and styles. For ten years or more he has been visiting the crash sites of September 11, 2001 and with encouragment from the 9/11 Commission has written works to reflect (at a suitable distance in time) the events and emotions arising from that day. The Music of 9/11, Vol 1 is a fabulous tribute and such eloquent music that needs to be experienced. On the polar opposite is A Clockwork Operetta, including some very fine chamber/orchestral music of lyrical beauty but centered around Malone's wild and sassy cabaret-style settings of Anthony Burgess songs written for 'A Clockwork Orange' but never used, abandoned and only recently rediscovered.

A new exhibit is opening at CMAC! From Nov. 8th through Dec. 15th, Your Junk, My Art will be on display. The exhibit features work by thirteen artists from the region of Vermont and New York who explore the use of found objects as a material for creating a piece of art.

Look for Holiday events in December!

On the 14th we opened our first art exhibit here at CMAC to rave reviews. The attendance was excellent, the food, delicious and plentiful, and a good time was had by all. Breaking the Ice shows the abstract expressionist paintings of Roger Book and will be on display through August 18th. Another exhibit, Remembering the Brandon Training School, also opened on the 14th. The exhibit is permanent and takes a look at the history of the school, which occupied the complex we are located in from 1915 until it closed in 1993. A separate opening reception for Remembering the Brandon Training School will be held on July 27th.

(May 2013)
We are thrilled to announce the internet streaming radio staion has officially launched! The station was developed by our associate Gale Parmelee with the help of our very own Stephen Sutton, and is headquartered right here at CMAC. The music of Divine Art Recordings Group (Stephen's classical recording company - also headquartered here!) is featured along with a wide variety of selections from the world's top classical music labels. Take a listen and spread the word!

(April 2013)
The Compass Music and Arts Foundation has teamed up with Vermont Public Television's (VPT) Britcom Club. VPT's Britcom Club hosts several tea events throughout April for their club members to offer them the chance to help choose which British comedies get aired each year. This year a special addition will be added to the events. Our own Foundation Board Member, Ruth Hamilton, graciously donated 10 wonderful portrait paintings of different Britcom characters to the Foundation so they could be auctioned off at these VPT events. Half of the proceeds will go to VPT and half to the Foundation. But to make them accessible to a wider audience, note cards have been produced using each of the 10 portrait images and are now available online or here at Compass! Click here to see the cards and place your order!

(January 2013)
Click HERE to see the new menu
While we are preparing the fitting out of a full bistro to open next spring, a sandwich take-out service is now OPEN from 11am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

A small selection to begin with will grow depending on customer feedback. Tell us what you'd like and we'll try to oblige! Large/party or non-menu orders should be made a day in advance please, so items can be made fresh. You can 'eat in' too.

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