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Creative Music & Live Looping Workshop
Saturday, March 14, 11am-2pm

Ian Ethan Case is only one of about five musicians worldwide to tackle the acoustic double-necked guitar in earnest. Drawing on a diverse musical background that saw Ian taking piano lessons at the age of five and later studying the drums, orchestral percussion, saxophone, electric guitar and bass, he naturally moved into playing this extraordinary, seldom-seen instrument.

Prior to a concert at Brandon Music, Ian will be offering a workshop here at Compass. This is an amazing opportunity for all musicians and those interested in music to develop their knowledge, skills and explore their unique creative potential.

In the first half of the workshop, Ian will focus on:

  • ear training
  • developing better timing and rhythmic versatility
  • finding your own path (Ian will share a bit of his journey so far and how he ended up on this particular track in terms of musical direction, as a way to encourage people to explore their own unique creative potential.)

In the second half, Ian will take everyone through the technological aspects of live looping, as well as demonstrating and exploring with the participants looping's creative aspects.

Following a very successful performance at Brandon Music (our sister venue) in 2014 which left the audience exhilarated, exhausted, amazed and enthralled, Ian will give a second not-to-be-missed performance after the workshop at 7:30pm, giving participants the chance to fully see him perform live.

Emmy-winning composer and producer Peter Bruce Wilder was one of the first to discover Ian's talent and unique voice in the remote hills of Northern Vermont, proclaiming in 2008:

"Ian Ethan represents something so new in musical approach, that the result is near impossible to pigeon hole into a 'sounds like' statement. It has been my personal privilege to observe his unwavering and deep exploration of this new technique and on a relatively rare instrument the original music of Ian Ethan is not to be missed."

In January 2013, Ian was invited to perform with some of the world's foremost guitarists and bass players as part of Muriel Anderson's "All-Star Guitar Night" at the annual NAMM convention in Anaheim California, where he shared the stage with Robben Ford, Victor Wooten, Stu Hamm, Mimi Fox, and Stanley Jordan, among others. Since then he has gone on to perform with some of the most respected artists in his genre, including international solo bass icon and innovator Michael Manring and Grammy Award-winning reed player Paul McCandless (Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Paul Winter Consort), as well as top notch classical musicians from the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra.

Most recently, after both were featured nationwide on the same NPR program ("Here & Now", Dec. 2013), Ian performed his original works at the Boston Museum of Science Planetarium with 4-Time Grammy Award-winning cellist Eugene Friesen, with whom he continues to collaborate.

For questions or to enroll in the workshop contact Edna by March 13th at 4pm at 802-247-4295 or via email. $35



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