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Muffy Kashkin Grollier: Felted Flora, Fauna and Fantasy

April 3 - May 31
Opening reception: Friday, April 3, 5-7pm with Muffy giving a demonstration at 6pm

Muffy recalls the day she took her mother's lead, a talented artist in her own right, and became an artist herself. “My mother would lie down on her bed with me at nap time. One day as my mother slept, I explored her nightstand. To my delight I found a tube of black paint. I painted the bed, the pillows and blankets and of course, my mother.”

Ever since, Muffy has been an artist, experimenting in different media and attending the University of Hartford Art School and the Massachusetts College of Art. She continues her artistic studies independently, taking classes and workshops with a variety of artists to study felting, pastel, watercolors, doll-making and mixed media art.

She started felting about eight years ago with three-dimensional characters, before discovering the joys of painting with wool “two-dimensionally”. However, her paintings are far from two-dimensional. The felting process allows for results similar to a bas-relief, giving the work a sense of depth almost as if it were sculpted.

Felted paintings are created by layering fibers of wool onto a “canvas” – a thin piece of pre-felted wool batting – using felting needles to join the fibers together with those in the “canvas”. Muffy incorporates techniques she learned from watercolor and pastel painting into her work and explains how similar this technique is to working with pastels. “ Like pastels, you layer color over color so when you needle them in, the color underneath affects the color on top. It is a lengthy process but almost like meditation when I am working on a piece.” She goes on to say “ I have worked with pastels, watercolors and colored pencils but I like the needle felting best. I like the textural feel of the fiber; it's like the living spirit of the sheep is in the fiber and helps to bring the painting alive.”

Each piece is her own design, many created based on photographs she has taken herself. She generally uses one or two needles but sometimes uses a five-needle tool to cover large areas – one painting can take weeks to complete.

Muffy has exhibited her mixed media art and felted paintings of flowers, animals, trees, fantasy scenes and three-dimensional dolls in juried shows at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vermont and the Plymouth Arts Guild in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

At right: Merlin's Tree

This event celebrates Vermont Arts 2015, in celebration of public funding for the arts.


Mt. Goat

Wooly Bully

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