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'Peace on Earth'

November 4 - January 7
Reception: Friday, December 9 from 3-7pm

Everyone knows we could use more peace on this earth – more collaboration and acceptance, and less segregation and prejudice. With so many distressing events happening around the world we are choosing to focus on the good in people, the beauty of this world, and that as human beings, we are all in this together. The exhibit was an open call to artists for that which celebrates and strengthens the ideals of ‘Peace on Earth'. The resulting compilation of work presents an eclectic view of the theme.

Stephanie Whitney-Payne, a botanical artist, plays with the title, depicting peas on earth. Working in relief with colored pencil and acrylic, Joan Curtis focuses on people and animals co-existing peacefully in pastoral landscapes. Mary Fran Lloyd's p ainting reflects how she feels about the struggles of the Syrian people and their families and now, their resettlement in Rutland, Vermont where she lives. She says “My hope for them in this new world is for peace, happiness and safe life once again.”

Furthermore, ‘The Peace Cabinet' by Ruth Hamilton asks visitors to write their peace message on paper and put it into a basket. After the show the messages will be gathered and burned ceremonially sending the smoke and the messages to the universe. Hamilton says “Since rituals have been done for millennia I think perhaps they help us feel a part of things beyond our control and give us moments of pause, endeavoring to connect in a healing and peaceful way with our human community.”

Other participating artists include: B Amore, Robert Black, Fran Bull, Louise Kenney, Denise Letendre Bach, Sandy Mayo, Judith Reilly, Alice Sciore, Jessica Scriver, Lowell Snowdon Klock, Christopher Sommer and students from the Leicester Central School.

A complimentary exhibit of paintings by Stephanie Stouffer also features key works related to the theme of ‘Peace on Earth'.



Mary Fran Lloyd

Stephanie Whitney-Payne
Peas on Earth

Joan Curtis
Arcadia III
This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2016, celebrating public funding for the arts.
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