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What EMMA Loves

August 14 - November 1
Fall reception: September 26, from 1-3pm

EMMA member Karen Seward titled one of her recent paintings, “For the Love of Painting”, which not only sums up the group's upcoming exhibit, but also their purpose. EMMA, the East Mountain Mentoring Artists, exists to support the love of creating.

“For ten artists with different personal loves, it really is the love of creating that motivates us”, says Christine Holzschuh, one of the painters in the group. There is a photographer that has an eye for beauty in the seemingly mundane; a painter who expresses her love for animals in delicate carvings and paintings; some are drawn to the everyday occurrences; others portray the sights of travel; while conceptual artists create abstract images which reflect a particular point of view. Holzschuh goes on to say, “Although our work is varied, our love for creating unifies us. That is ‘What EMMA Loves'.”

Exhibiting members include free-spirited painter Mary Crowley; figurative painter Christine Holzschuh; ordinary-into-extraordinary photographer Lowell Snowdon Klock; Ann McFarren, an oil and watercolor landscape painter; painter of stories Betsey Moakley; New England painter Rae Newell; wood sculptor and multimedia artist Alice Sciore; painter of light and color Karen Seward; traveling painter Heather Shay; and Christine Townsend, a painter and sculptor of animals.

EMMA was formed in May of 2013 on the encouragement of California artist Leslie Saeta, who is a great leader in helping artists take the next step in their careers. The idea behind EMMA is for artist members to support and mentor each other creatively, educationally, technically and in marketing. The women meet monthly to share ideas about workshops, marketing techniques, educational resources, technical skills, and educate one another on what is happening in the arts, both locally and online.

This exhibit also celebrates Vermont Arts 2015, in celebration of public funding for the arts.

Not all artwork pictured. Many pieces are for sale. For pricing contact us.

Heather Shay
Siena Welcome

Alice Sciore
Sun on Your Wings

Lowell Snowdon Klock
Pink Door

Betsy Moakley
Garden Wall

Ann McFarren
Hidden Waterfall

Christine Townsend

Rae Newell
Candied Apples

Karen Seward
For the Love of Painting

Mary Crowley
Flowers from Molly

Christine Holzschuh
Rad Dishes

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